Students Arrested for Selling Homosexual Lawn Grass

DES MOINES: Several students in Des Moines, Iowa have been arrested for allegedly selling homosexual lawn grass.

The arrest comes after several men started to complain of unusual and unnatural feelings for the same sex.

The special grass, a unique herb extract, from the Mayan plantations in Pinan, Peru, is set to cause these unwanted desires when an individual is exposed to the grass for more than one hour.

Copious amounts of different symptoms have been reported.

A unknown man from Youngstown, Ohio, is believed to have eloped to Las Vegas with his plumber after both were exposed to the grass. They were last seen exchanging rings at an Elvis Presley wedding and Bingo hall.

Another man was arrested at a local laundromat after he started flirting with the washing machines. This incident is not believed to be related.

Brokeback Mountain has surged to the top of blu-ray sales in Des Moines while the local mayor has applied for a local referendum
on gay marriage.

At the moment, police are urging citizens to be on the lookout for people who emit forms of unnatural erotic behavior.


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Rodney Romb, Olympic figure skater wannabe, tow-truck driver, foot massuesse and part-time band manager shares the latest insights, news and opinions on current and future news-media issues.
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