” I was duped on the issue of Universal health care”.

These were the words uttered by Mitt Romney yesterday as he attempts to rebuild and solidify his public image in his bid for the republican presidential nomination.

Romney claims that he does not support Universal health, an issue which the Obama administration vehemently does. Critics argue how he can put forward such an argument having already singed and supported Universal Health care while serving as Governor of New Hamsphire.

The dupe, Romney claims, is that he believed he was singing a state health care policy for the workers of Universal film studios.

Critics are giving serious thought to his argument as it is common knowledge that Romney owns all of the Fast and Furious films on Blu-ray, a franchise owned and distributed by Universal studios.

Romney further added.” It’s not like I read everything I sign.”

Romney is no stranger to controversy. He is often mocked from his early years when he would dress up as waiter and knock on people’s doors carrying only a briefcase.


About rodneyromb

Rodney Romb, Olympic figure skater wannabe, tow-truck driver, foot massuesse and part-time band manager shares the latest insights, news and opinions on current and future news-media issues.
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