Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul, is gearing up for a state tour of California to promote a new life-sized blow-up doll of himself.

The 74 year-old Paul is hoping the doll will appeal to liberals in the Democratic party, support that he will need to further his presidential fantasies. Sources close to Paul confided that he is specifically targeting the gay vote and viewers of Jersey Shore, two demographics where Paul has failed to make in-roads.

Paul is taking a risk releasing an adult themed toy: Several conservatives are said to be highly reconsidering their position on Paul. It is believed that he has the backing of the controversial TEA party. It is rumored that several members, drinking cups of Earl Grey, hand sowed a prototype for Paul.

The doll is being marketed and manufactured Poshco. Poshco is the  infamous production company who recently sued Dreamworks over copyright infringement regarding its animated hit:”How to Train Your Dragon.” They claimed the title and theme were similiar to a 1989 Mexican sex education video Cómo Entrenar el Dragón( How to Train the Dragon), that was produced by the company.

Poscho CEO Linda Bubbles insists that the utmost discretion and quality control has been taken in the design:” The doll is a replica of Ron in his early 50’s, a time when he was known to be in the prominence of his sex appeal.

Paul will make guest appearances next week signing copies of the doll at numerous adult toy shops around Las Angeles Metropolitan area.

“Many fail to comprehend the hordes of mail and female admirers that Paul has. The doll is an avenue for his followers, old and new, to express their extreme fondness of him.” He’s a political genius”, said CNN political analyst Paul Begala.

Several Facebook pages support his supposed status as a  sex symbol. Many liken him to a modern day Sean Connery or Marlon Brando.

Rumors that Paul is set to do a cover for Men’s Health magazine have yet to be confirmed or denied.

The doll is available nationwide from next week Tuesday.


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Rodney Romb, Olympic figure skater wannabe, tow-truck driver, foot massuesse and part-time band manager shares the latest insights, news and opinions on current and future news-media issues.
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