American president Barack Obama has denied illegally downloading the 1989 Oscar-winning film, Driving Miss Daisy, during his stay at Buckingham Palace.

It is believed that Obama, on his recent tour of Europe, downloaded the movie directly after the humiliating toast incident.

Critics believe Obama did so as an act of vengeance towards The Queen while others offer a more logical conclusion.

CNN political strategist David Gergen believes he did so as an act of stress relief. “Single men have methods to cope with stress. It is common knowledge that married men like Mr Obama tend to wind down with a Jessica Tandy film.” said Mr. Gergen.

White House Chief of Communications, Robert Gibbs has dismissed the allegations as being pure ludicrous. ” President Obama simply downloaded the film in an attempt to test the security structure of Buckingham palace. Mr Obama, as a world figure, was simply thinking of the well-being of the British people with such an act. He stands commended by the Queen.”

Obama recently came under fire from NAACP civil rights activists for his positive affiliation towards Driving Miss Daisy. The group further insisted that Obama has done little to increase the number of mainstream African-American actors appearing in black comedies, an election promise of Obama.

This is the possibly the most controversial scandal in American and British relations since George Bush allegedly called The Queen a Toff.

Further rumours that Obama purchased Primark underpants are said to be grossly untrue.


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Rodney Romb, Olympic figure skater wannabe, tow-truck driver, foot massuesse and part-time band manager shares the latest insights, news and opinions on current and future news-media issues.
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